Deye electrical production line leader and group leader outdoor quality development activities

In order to enrich employees' leisure life,let everyone fully relax after the intense work, Ningbo Deye Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd. organized the production line leader and group leader outdoor quality development activities in June 4, 2017,to promote the interaction and communication among employees, strengthen the team culture construction,enhancing the team cohesion.

Experience the power of a team through games is the core of the activity. The intense game makes us aware of the difference between individual and collective, let us deeply appreciate the importance of mutual help and support among team members. In the face of difficulties, a person's power is so insignificant, and how powerful the collective power is. When confronted with difficulties, we must look at problems comprehensively and systematically, analyze them calmly and rationally, make correct plans, and pay attention to the complementarity of human resources and unity and cooperation. In this way, we can avoid detours, give full play to personal strengths, solve problems satisfactorily and achieve our common goal.
Find happiness in the process, gain sublimation in the sentiment. Throughout the process, each of us was satisfied with the success of our team, and cheered for the success of our partners. Everything is so real and so powerful. Even after the end of the activity, everyone was tired, but everyone was talking happily about what was happening in the activity, and it was memorable. On this day, we work together to accomplish challenges one after another, not only enhances the understanding and trust of each other, but also sets up the team spirit and the whole consciousness that must cooperate with each other and support each other in the work, We believe that this spirit  will continue to every future work, and motivate all employees to make their due contribution to the future development of the company.